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  • GAAP Compliance - Financial accounting relies on accounting best practices and standards. We follow these GAAP principals to ensure transparency and accuracy in your financial statements.

  • Accounts Payable - We help establish best practices work flows to meet your specific business needs.  We handle your new vendor on-boarding and payments. We work with vendors to set up Net terms and to obtain early pay discounts if available.    

  • Accounts Receivable - We help establish best practices work flows and A/R policies to meet your business needs. We keep track of your Accounts Receivable accounts to maintain a steady stream of cash flow in order to keep the business thriving.  

  • Payroll - We handle your payroll schedule, processing, and distribute wages.  We file your payroll taxes. 

  • Bank and Credit Cards Reconciliations – Reconciliations allow to keep bank and credit cards up-to-date, detect and prevent unjustified bank charges, and ensures transactions are posted correctly.

  • Financial Reports – We generate profit and loss reports to track revenues and expenses to help determine the operating performance of the business and find out what areas of the business are over or under budget. We produce balance sheet reports to get an overview on the financial strength and capabilities of the business

  • General Ledger – We maintain a clean general ledger. General Ledger is a core of the company’s financial records and if there are any discrepancies they can throw off all the books’ accuracy.

  • Consultations – We are always available to answer our client’s questions and provide the best possible service.

Areas of expertise

Bookkeeping / Payroll / Financial Reporting /

Tax Returns / Corporate Formation /

Cleanups / Consulting

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